Discover the U.S. town where only one person lives, the mayor is the owner of the bar and the library.

Let us delve into the astonishing world of Monowi, Nebraska, a place that defies conventions and holds within its borders a fascinating story. Here, in this remote corner of the world, lies the only town inhabited by a single person: Elsie Eiler. Amid vast fields and serene landscapes, Monowi harbors the most extraordinary uniqueness.

Elsie Eiler, a woman of courage and determination, becomes the soul of this tiny community. She is not only a solitary resident but also assumes multiple vital roles for the functioning of Monowi. With the strength of her spirit and a warm smile, Elsie presents herself to the world as the mayor, owner of the bar, and local librarian.

In the past, Monowi used to be a vibrant and prosperous town, home to around 150 residents by the year 1930. However, as time passed, the people of Monowi began to feel the pull of big cities and the opportunities they offered. One by one, the residents embarked on a journey to bustling metropolises in search of a different life.


Despite the town losing its population, Elsie Eiler decided to stay in Monowi and keep the essence of her home alive. Her love and attachment to the community became evident when she married a man and together they ran the local bar. However, in 2002, her husband passed away, leaving Elsie alone to face the challenge of preserving Monowi’s legacy.

Imagine this unique panorama: a town where the mayor gracefully and proudly walks through deserted streets. Every step she takes is a living testament to her dedication and love for Monowi. From the iconic bar she owns, where stories flow like wine and encounters become shared treasures, to the local library where books become intimate companions of a single passionate reader. Monowi, despite its diminutive size, possesses a length that transcends physical distances. It is not measured in miles or kilometers, but in the strength of human connections, in the sense of community that prevails even in apparent solitude. Each day, Elsie faces the challenge of keeping Monowi’s essence alive, ensuring that her town is not forgotten in the vast landscape of Nebraska.

Amidst this secluded enclave, life continues at its own captivating pace. Days unfold with the calm and serenity found only in places where time seems to stand still. Elsie, with her accumulated wisdom and experience, weaves the story of Monowi in every conversation, in every glance exchanged with the few visitors who venture to discover this hidden treasure.

Monowi is much more than a simple town. It is a metaphor for human resilience, a testament that even in the smallest of places, greatness can emerge. And in the midst of this magical setting, Elsie Eiler, with her determination and passion, becomes the muse of hope and a living example that a single person can make a difference in the world.

Thus, Monowi invites us to reflect on the importance of each individual and their capacity to create impact, no matter how small their environment may be. This solitary town teaches us that the true value of a place is not measured in kilometers but in the extraordinary story that pulsates through its streets and in the heart of its sole inhabitant.

In the remote and marvelous Monowi, Nebraska, the length of its history and the grandeur of its spirit surpass any physical measure. And as long as Elsie Eiler continues to raise her voice as the mayor

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