In every corner of the country, hide terrifying legends that send shivers down the spines of all inhabitants. With the advent of the internet, these stories have become popularized across many cities and are now increasingly feared. But do supernatural phenomena have any evidence? The answer remains with each person, as it is quite easy to find alleged ghostly apparitions on social media. However, among all the material, one video began to gain popularity—a video showing a statue walking through the streets of Veracruz.

Alan Mora, a content creator who constantly shares videos on TikTok attempting to prove the presence of ghosts, left users astonished by his experience at Reino Mágico, located in Veracruz. According to the internet user: “We witnessed the cursed Snow White walking in Reino Mágico in Veracruz.”

In the three-plus minute clip, one can see the man, accompanied by another individual, walking through this amusement park. Suddenly, they spotted the silhouette of someone. Without any fear, the influencer assumed it was the night watchman, but upon closer inspection, he realized it was not a person.

Rushing towards the figure, the young men discovered a Snow White statue. Alan asked his friends if they believed this object was the same one that walked in front of them. So far, the clip has garnered over four million views, with comments such as “Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies, and as such, any negative energy or entity can attach itself to possess it.”

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Fear spreads like a curse through social media, while supernatural apparitions continue to sow terror in every dark corner of the country. Will you dare to defy these malevolent entities or succumb to their sinister influence? Choose wisely because in the realm of the unknown, fear lurks in every shadow, and the boundaries between reality and horror blur more and more.

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