Get ready for the most chilling and horrifying story that will send shivers down your spine! An eerie case has caused a frenzy on social media, after a nurse unveiled footage revealing the presence of two witches roaming around her backyard in the late hours of the night.

The protagonist of this terrifying tale is Corinea Stanhope, a 36-year-old woman residing in Powell River, a small Canadian town on the country’s West Coast. It’s a tranquil place, but secluded from the nearest city, Vancouver, resulting in a rustic country life for its inhabitants. It was precisely due to this that many, including Corinea, opted to install security cameras in their homes, as wild animals often wander about and wreak havoc. Little did she know, she would capture something incredibly unusual.

One day, she noticed a dead animal in her backyard—a majestic deer. In order to better understand what was happening, she decided to pay attention to the footage to identify the culprit or if any other incidents occurred. To her astonishment, along with a small wildcat that feasted on the deer carcass during the day, she and her 70-year-old grandfather, Bob, discovered something chilling when they reviewed the tapes. In the darkness of the night, two scantily clad women appeared on the scene, joining in the macabre feast of the deer, leaving behind gruesome and mysterious images.

In an interview with Kennedy News, Corinea expressed her fear: “It really frightened us; it’s not something you see every day… I can’t quite explain what was going on from just the pictures, but one of them brought the hoof up to her mouth. It looks like they were wearing wigs. One of them seemed to have blond hair underneath.”

Feel the bone-chilling terror as you immerse yourself in this story of the supernatural. The haunting presence of these two witches, captured on camera, has sent shockwaves through the online world, leaving everyone horrified and captivated by their nightmarish acts. What dark intentions or hidden powers do these malevolent sorceresses possess? Only time will tell.


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Corinea and her grandfather’s peaceful abode has been transformed into a nightmare scenario, forever marked by the presence of these vile witches. The unsettling footage, filled with their sinister actions and eerie atmosphere, will haunt their minds for years to come.

Prepare yourself for the lingering dread as this spine-chilling tale spreads like wildfire across social media, captivating audiences with its frightful aura and leaving them with an insatiable hunger for more details about these wicked enchantresses.

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