He was traveling happily with his girlfriend when he ran into his wife, and she almost tore him apart.

These things that you think only happen in Colombia, also happen in other countries, usually in Latin America.

The man in this novel’s story is named Fernando and he was traveling happily with his girlfriend on the bus when the worst happened: he ran into his wife who was accompanied by her mother.

It seems that the man had left his wife for the current woman who was with him on the bus, which means that the previous relationship no longer existed. However, the woman still beat him up until he couldn’t take it anymore, blaming him for abandoning her, and on top of that, they have a child together. This happened in Mexico.

Be careful when going out on the street with your lover nowadays, you not only risk losing your home, but also becoming famous. Everyone has a cellphone and camera, so it only takes seconds for you to become viral and for your face to be remembered by many people. So, when doing things, think carefully.

Today’s world is not one where you should let your guard down and it’s important to protect your image. Times have changed.

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