In a bizarre turn of events, a woman, who shall remain anonymous, reached out to what she thought was a secret fan club of Brad Pitt on the social media giant, Facebook. Little did she know that her innocent curiosity would lead her down a rabbit hole of love, deception, and empty bank accounts!

According to her attorney, the flamboyant Antonio Estella Aroza, the woman, who is in her middle age crisis, initially exchanged messages with what she believed were fellow Brad Pitt enthusiasts. However, as time went on, these “users” turned out to be the mastermind behind the scam, posing as none other than the Hollywood heartthrob himself! Talk about catfishing!

As the lawyer hilariously recounted, the woman engaged in conversations with this imposter, who cunningly managed to win her trust, her friendship, and believe it or not, her love! They formed a connection so intense that it was practically a “fauxmantic” relationship! The fake Brad Pitt even went as far as promising to visit Spain and make a movie together. That’s when things took a financial nosedive.

Taking advantage of her affection, the phony Pitt continuously asked for various sums of money to cover the supposed expenses related to their grand plans. The poor woman, smitten as she was, naively sent him substantial amounts via bank transfers. I mean, who wouldn’t be convinced after receiving pictures of “Brad” on red carpets and movie premieres? He even had the audacity to photoshop messages on the pictures, like, “Darling, I truly love you and promise to pay you back big time. Honey, I still love you and I’m here for you.” Talk about putting the “con” in romance!

Once the woman began suspecting foul play (duh, it took her a while!), realizing that the promises of her imaginary lover weren’t materializing, she decided to seek justice. Cue the dramatic court scene!

Estella Aroza, with a touch of flair, revealed that the amount scammed could be well over €170,000 (or $186,000, in case you’re not fluent in hilarious conversions). As a result, the woman bravely filed a lawsuit – still pending, of course – accusing the imposter of a range of crimes, from identity theft to money laundering. Move over, Ocean’s Eleven, we’ve got the real con artist here!

So, folks, remember, love may be blind, but it’s even blinder when you’re swooning over a fake Hollywood superstar. Stay vigilant out there, and if a celebrity starts wooing you on social media, it’s probably just a hilarious scam waiting to happen!

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